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Mark Norton, England

Andy, Nikki, a simply awesome tribute. Beautiful in every way, just like Tasha. Thinking of you all always.

Bruv xx

Nandee, Manukau New Zealand

To My Beautiful Awesome Grand-daughter Natasha Aimee,

What a gift from God you were darling, so full of life. Such a beautiful smiling young lady who loved the Lord with everything you had.

What can I say about you, you were almost perfect, I loved your zest for life, and the importance to make every second matter.

I loved the way you cared about people/your friends and the time you invested into them, especially the wee children, you adored them.

I loved your singing and the way you sang to God. Your unashamable faith and love for Jesus is a lesson to us all.

Your integrity, honesty, and love shone through your entire body. I miss you something awful Tasha. One day my darling I will get to hold you again. In the meantime I have taken a lesson from you and I am going to Hug, Hug, Hug, everyone and as I do, you will be fore front in my thoughts. Yes I will also JUMP IN PUDDLES.

Love Nandee

Stacey Pretorius, Auckland

To the Bray Family

Tash was an inspiration to many, also to me. I enjoyed it when we practised in the band for school every tuesday. Her smile keeped me smiling, her laughter made me laugh.

Stay Strong...God Bless You.

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to proser you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Love From Stacey

Carlie Norton, England

Hiya Cozzie Bro, Miss you, wish I could of got to have seen you again, the time we had together was not long enough. Looking forward to seeing Nanna Deana in September.

Want to come to NZ again and see Auntie Nikki, Uncle Andy, Libby and Ben, hopefully it will not be too long this time around.

Carlie  xoxox

Angela Rawlinson, Lincolnshire, England

Hi Nikki

I've never met your family, but through all your correspondence I  feel as if I know Natasha now.  I can really imagine what she was like and she is so alive in my mind. You must have been so proud of her.  

'Heaven has another Angel'

Love to you all

Angela xx (Cousin)

Tori, Auckland

Hey Tash.

Well, what do i say? i know we only knew eachother for a short while but having you at the ranch really brightened up the whole place and you always made us smile. your laughter is so memorible and it always made us laugh. you were an amazing horse rider and you always were the first into activities and cheered everyone on. i miss you tash, you light up my life.

wachel., auckland

hey bby.

i miss you more and more each day. im so sure you about to walk in the door. its so hard knowing your not there. but its comforting knowing your watching over me and your in my heart..

i loved how you greeted me eveytime you walked past me at school. you were always smiling. always happy. i miss your smile. and i loved the way you told me i was a good rider when i felt like i was the worst in the world.. you always could cheer me up. i miss those crazy times we shared together.

i hope you are having fun in heaven though. someday soon we will see eachother again. all of us can meet up. you me star snuggles and the gang. =) it will be so much fun. we can dance and sing forever. it will be the best party in the world. i cant wait.

everyday my heart aches when i think of you. i never got to say bye.. i miss you and portia. you were funny, the way you danced around together, and took photos and videos of all your crazy moments. i miss the way you commented my pics on myspace. telling how much you love them, and how much you loved me.. i wish i could get just one more from you. it would make my day..

i miss you tash, i always will.

so untill we meet in heaven

i love you.

be a good girl, dont go getting into to much toruble. hehe.

have fun,
love rachel. <3

Libby, Auckland

Hey Tash,

im at amrk and stephs house! =]. I miss you so much no one knows how much! You were the best sister ever! Im so glad God gave me you! You taught me so much! Even beofre the accident. You were my role model, i looked up to you so much! Your so awesome and i miss you so much! Thankyou!

Love you

Miss you!

Your sis... Libby

candice, auckland

Tash! (sing song) tashie,

I love you! so so much! your an incredible girl. for the past 6 or 7 years that ive known you ive looked up to you so much. you were my role model for riding, school and i always wanted to have such an awesome relationship with God like you had =)

You were and still are such an inspiration to so many. I miss your superman hugs and making silly faces in art =p you always knew how to make me laugh (even at the serious stuff if you remember your waster camp letter =0 I HAVE to show your mum and dad xD) you always knew what to do and if u diddnt you always asked God.

you had the MOST beautiful voice . i remember the first time you led worship for assembly i stayed at your house the night before you were so nervous but i knew you wud be amazing!! and you were. when assembly was finished i stood on my feet and started clapping and screaming your name you were so embarssed =P haha i was SO nice to you =)


I love you so much tash and i missss youuu A TON seriously =( =( i cant wait to see you and portia again in heaven =) untill then!

I love you! 


candyland (song sing) 

Sonia Byrne

To our dear Tash.  We miss you so much and we feel deeply saddened that our children will no longer feel your adoration and the love that you showered upon them.  Bjorn, Jai and Milla loved you coming to babysit.  They loved all the fun they had with you, the games of hide and seek, the stories and mischief!!  Jai talks about heaven a lot now. One night I told him that if you believe in Jesus and that He died on the cross for you, you will go to heaven and be with Him when you die.  He said that night 'I'm believing!'  They are looking forward to seeing you again as Robin and I are too!  

We loved that you saw the importance of marriage and wanted us to be able to spend time together as a couple and you made that possible regularly - Thankyou so much for that!

I still can't believe your gone from this earth.  We hang on to the fact that one day we will all be together again and there will be no more tears!!!!  I want to love God more and more, thank you for being such an example of that Tash.  May we be an encouragement the people God brings our way and shine God's light - thats what you did.  Loads of love. The Byrnes xx


Mandy Heim, Howick- Auckland

What a delight to have known you Natasha.(sorry i can't abbreviate your name- it is too beautiful and melodoius to shorten)I loved the way you would smile when you were nervous, smile when you were happy and even just smile when you had nothing to do.Your example of gracious kindess, especially to newcomers to the school was always special to watch. I wish i had bottled your recipe for friendship- so that i could distribute it to every other girl who was trying to make new friends.You set an example for so many to follow- forgive, forgive, forgive... and then give them another  chance.Girl you have such a legacy too of standing up for what was truth and what was right! Thank you for being a really wonderful girl who loved the Lord wholeheartedly.Thank you for your refreshingly frank school journal entries- gosh you had me often on a monday morning.I am so glad and sad all at once that i could teach you for a few years.I will remember you always with sheer joy!SHALOM

Delilah, Howick


You have really inspired me, the loving responsible and beautiful woman you are. You don't know me, but I'm from Farm Cove Intermediate in Farm Cove. I knew Mr. Mclean, and the tradgedy happened on my 13th birthday. One of my lteracy assignments was to write a letter to someone you are inspired by, so I wrote it to you, and another for Portia. The amazing thing was that 2 other people in my class also wrote it to you. Caiti P, Who was a good friend of yours i hear, and Sheenae F, we all worship you and god for your presence on earth everyday. I know i didnt know you, but Natasha I love you, and I know you and Porsh are dancing and smiling up in heaven. You are AMAZING Tash. Remember that. You will live on, in my heart. But the pain does go on, but we have to get over it and overcome our obstacles, coz YOU wouldnt want us to live like that.


God Bless you,


Yours Faithfully, Delilah xx

The Frasers, Auckland

Hi Andy and Nikki and Olivia and Ben - we have just cried again as we watched the video tribute that was played at Tash's funeral - it was both very wonderful and very difficult to see it. Our Jasmine said she felt that she really loved Tash, and can't wait to go to heaven to get to see her! What a beautiful, shining girl. We are still praying for you every day. We love you, Mart, Ange, Jasmine, Ash and Holly xoxo


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I'm Laura, I worked with Natasha at paper plus last year and could not believe she was one of those 9 elim students :(
I remember her being sooo beautiful - inside and out, and I really admired her for the time that I was close to her and I wish I had kept in closer contact with her after my resignation at paper plus.


As I read your Radio Rheema interview transcript I smiled quietly to myself.  It seemed I was reading our own emotional journey and I understood only too well the depth and meaning in those words.

Our family was so deeply moved over the tragic loss of your beloved daughter and sister together with her dear friends and teacher.  Our hearts ached and grieved for all the families for we understood only too well the journey that lay ahead.

It has been four years since we lost our precious 17 year old son Roman as a result of an accident.  We understand only too well the darkness of the valley, the moments when the pain is so unbearably thick you struggle to breathe from the weight of it all, the unnatural silence in the house, the empty chair at the dinner table, the untouched toothbrush still in the bathroom.....  Each journey is different and while some will find their way through the valley others will struggle through the night.  But God has promised that no matter how long the night morning will always come.

Like you we never thought something as devastating as this would happen to us.  This kind of thing happened to other people but not to us.  And then when we lost Roman we became so much more aware of other people's pain. 

While many will never be able to fully comprehend your pain our loving Father does understand. He will comfort and uphold you amidst the raging torrents..........He has promised us He will never leave us nor forsake us.

We uplift you in prayer daily.

Jayna, Little Rock, AR, USA

Dear Tash,

I met you only briefly when I was in New Zealand, and although I didn't get a chance to know you very well, you were such a joy to be around. I even received one of your famous hugs before returning home! Your parents told me all kinds of stories about you--some were funny, some were touching, and all of them made me realize just how special you are. I know lots of people will be competing for your time once we all get to heaven, but I hope that one day in eternity we can get together for some girl time and maybe ice cream sundaes! Much love until we meet again,

Jayna Richardson

Lee Doidge, Howick New Zealand

Dear Tash,

While I did not know you personally, I knew you well. Your Nandee speaks about you all the time. She is so proud of you, and is so thankful that you love the Lord as much as you do. Listening to what everyone shared at your celebration day on 21st April 2008, it was so encouraging and I really wish that I'd had the opportunity of meeting you. I am the one who missed out.  You sound an awesome young lady and it is very evident why your Nandee is so proud of you. I do look forward to meeting up with you in heaven Tash and to hear you sing. Your Nandee tells me you have a voice of an angel.

Bless you Tash for being the lovely person you, are and how you showed everyone your passion for Jesus. That was something everyone spoke of.  You have left a great legacy.  I am sure someone will pick up your torch and run with it.

God will be so proud of you - His good and faithful servant

Lee Doidge


Delwynne Winter, Auckland, New Zealand

Hey -
I feel like who am I to write something here - but then I also guess it's nice to know people have visited here and left affected.
I knew Tash always as a smiley, quiet girl, polite and beautiful... it's so cool to see her with her friends, hanging out and being silly...
I wonder how you cope with the loss of her from your unit.... Chloe and I pray for you guys every night, and that God is very real to you all. We've always been so inspired by the work you do, and your preaching, and the way you've been bringing up your kids. God's plan just seems so off at times...
Tash - thank you too for showing me how to take life in both hands, to live without compromise and love so passionately.
This site is beautiful, thank you.

Priscilla Camp, Auckland

To the Bray family,

I don't know you all personally and never had the privilege of knowing Tash personally either but I really wish i did! I just wanted to say that you raised such a beautiful, genuine, happy, loyal, smiley, godly daughter and sister...its so evident through the beautiful pictures and video tributes you have on here of Tash as well as other peoples memories of her that they've shared on here...she has left an awesome legacy! I found the main tribute video to Tash very moving (as I did with Portias too - i knew of Portia, she and her brothers went to the same primary school I did).. that song 'With Hope' is so true...keep holding on tight to God as He continues to lift you all up through this ongoing pain until you reach heaven :)

Thinking of and praying for you guys,


Priscilla Camp, Auckland

One more thing..

Tash - you & Portia are the reason and inspiration behind one of my new mottos: SEIZE the day. CHERISH every moment. LIVE your life with arms wide open. :)


Charlotte Altman, England


Even though I only met Natasha once, when she was little, I remember her lust for life - it was amazing. She was vivacious, totally engaging and hugely kind. Just like her FAB parents. Even now she is still inspiring everyone - what a very special person she was. My love to you all. Charlotte xxxxx

Liam Lawrence, Auckland

I only met Natasha briefly once at a Youth Group event, yet the impact she has made on my life makes me feel as if I have known her much longer. The inspiration I have gathered from this amazing person is phenomenal, and has helped me to turn my life around and become the person that I always aimed to be for God. It fills me with great sadness to see such a wonderful person lose her life so tragically, but from what people have told me Natasha has truly lived her life to the full. She has changed so many lives in the short amount of time that she was here. I've been through some hard times of late, and Natasha's relationship with God has shown me where I need to be going in life, to help make me a better person and improve my own relationship with God. I wish i could've gotten to know Natasha much better. Words alone cannot describe this amazing person. I will continue to try and live my life to the full, keeping in mind the amazing things that a person such as Natasha can and did achieve. I will never forget her. Natasha will live in my memory as a truly inspirational role model. God bless Natasha, and all the Bray family and Natasha's friends.


I just wanted to say what a beautiful beautiful site this is. Very moving, I have not stopped crying since the photo gallery.
I am so sorry for your loss,I feel like I know Natasha after seeing this, even though I didn't.
I am sure she is watching over you from heaven, with Portia, doing funny dances and singing songs and laughing her head off :)
One of the great joys of being a Christian is to believe in life after death and the comfort of knowing we shall meet again with loved ones gone before.
My thoughts are with all the families of the tragedy,

Caitlin, Wellington

Hello Tash and Family,

I am Portia's cousin which is how I know Tash. I always wished that I would get to see Tash when I came to visit Portia. She sounds like a really nice, loving girl. It seems like I already know her with all of the AMAZING photos of her. I love you Tash XoXo


Dennis Rainey, Little Rock, Arkansas USA

Andy and Nikki

As I've watched the videos my heart goes back to our own Molly who we physically only had with us for 7 days.  It was so difficult to say goodbye after only 7 days.  Tash was with you for 17 years...oh, I cannot imagine saying goodbye after all those years.

You have withstood many storms and challenges to your faith.  Barbara and I stand in awe of you and your persevering trust in Jesus Christ.  But this has to be the ultimate test.  Your hope will not be disappointed, but your hearts will bear holy scars.  You have loved much and lost much.

We do not begin to comprehend your loss, but we do love you and share your loss with you.

Molly's memorial bears the reminder that we cling to with you:

We cannot Lord Thy purpose see,

But all is well, that's done by Thee.

We love you.

Dennis and Barbara

Psalm 112:1-2

Pat and Brian Bacon (UK), Titchfield Common

We were so privileged to have met you and spend time with you when we visited New Zealand in 2001 - we had such a special day out - such fun and laughter.  These wonderful memories will stay with us and everyone you touched in your life.  We know you are watching over  everyone you hold special - your smile will never fade.


All our love


Kylene, Auckland

Hay Tash :)

iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou and i want to see your beautiful smiling face again. who will smuggle bibles with me into China? who will go to jail with me hehe. who will text me 24/7? what am i going to do without you tashie?

you have taught me so much and you still are. looking through all your letters and cards, your incredible words, made me realise how much you loved everyone. i miss our talks and your laughs. i can still hear you saying hey bby over and over in my head. im so blessed to have known you buddy.

we secretly can run 10km hehe, and im missing our dance parties so much. i cant wait to see you. and it still hurts but i know your having the best time up there with Jesus.

thanks for everything my friend. it still hurts but im carrying on until i see you again. i wake up to see your smile in all the photos on my wall with the other girls.

famous six. we're carrying on your legacy. we're all missing our bright, bubbly, light of our group and most of all our best friend.

there is so much more i could say. but for now, i love you more than you will ever know and i miss you but i know your in the bestest place.

heat you forever tash

<33333333 cya soon xoxox

Rowena Manihera, Howick


How time Flies huh.

Sometimes it still Doesn't feel Real that You are no longer Here on Earth with Us. At times I get so Down, wishing we had Gotten to Know eachother Better.

I would have NEVER thought that Your time On this Earth was to come to an End.Seriously Gurl, We Miss You. We're getting through Grow && We still Laugh at How we get through the Study so Quickly because You aren't there.You Loved to Talk. But it was always cool to listen to Your sometimes whacked Convoz.

How cool is this? You even have Your own Website.You'll be Glad to Know that Youth is Awesome...Jon & his friend Andrew are leaders now. They Are So Cool.

Its so awesome Seeing Your brother&Sister grow so much.

Please give my Niece One Of Your FamousHugs from Me.Miss You Both Soooo Much.

I Love You Tash xox

-No matter how Long the Night, Morning will Always come


Olivia H, Auckland Papatoetoe

Hi tash you dont know me but i go to elim and remember that you will always be im our hearts and never fear about anything we will miss you and you probably know my friend Laura because you are i think her best friends sis

Dawid Keyser, Auckland

Hey guys I just wanna say that your daughter changed my life dramatically as where she helped me settle into Elim and help me through hard times. I'm glad that i had the chance to know Natasha.

Dawid xo

Allie, Auckland

hay Tasha

i still thnk about you everyday...we werent that close friends but u had such an impact on my life. The world does not seem the same without your smiling face here but i know that you are watching over all of us up in heaven as an angel of god. :) even though u werent here 4 a very long time...u made everyday the best it could be..and u must have known u werent goin to be with us for long because you were just perfect..u were already an angel here on earth and god needed you up in heaven. I know you and Portia are having a great time together and you angels are looking down on all us down here. You have amazing family and friends

This is not the end..but only the beginning..we will be together again some day..

Love you forever and always and i miss you


Melanie, Auckland

Hey Tashie-

I miss you gurl! I miss how we used to sing together in worship team, & how you used to call Tim "Tamati" & how you, me, & Hannah used to dance High School Musical dance moves during worship practice.

My favourite memory of you was the day at worship practice when I was teaching the team the new song I had written, called "Hold My Hand". You came up to me afterwards and gave me a hug & said "That's the most beautiful song you've ever written".

I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

So I've decided, when I release my album, that song will be dedicated to you, my darling.

I wish I'd told you more often how much I loved you & admired you- because I really did.

Mwah- see you in heaven!


Emma, Howick

Tashie Washie!

I love you so much beautiful and i miss you more than anyone will ever know. I miss your beautul smile and gorgeous laugh.

Theres so much i could write, i could write about your "detox" and our photo taking days or our dancing around at oxygen and all our jokes. But i just want to say I love you and miss you so much. You mean the whole world to me and i cant wait to see my bestseller soon!

You have changed my life tash, your constant smile and loyalty are so missed. I wish you werre here to talk to but i know you're always by my side now. Im so lucky to have known you over the last 4 years. Can't wait to spend eternity with you babe

Love you forever and Always and miss you so so so much

Love from your Menguin aka Emma =]

Ashley Smith, Auckland

Natasha Bray (also famously known as Tash or Tasha)

wow, its really hard to believe that you are no longer here. that you've gone to your heavenly home. i miss you soo much, words can't even describe how much i miss your rosy red, smiling, happy face. you were always laughing and smiling, no matter what. i remember in Bio, every time Wynand cracked a joke, no matter how dry or silly you would always laugh. whether you laughed with him or alongside him i don't know, but you would always laugh.

do you remember last year whenever you went to singing practice with diane? i always had music at that time, and i would sit outside with the guitar and listen to your beautiful voice and then when your lesson was over, you would always come up to me and asked how your voice sounded. i always replied, "it was horrible tashie. soo horrible that i loved it immensley." trying my best to keep a straight face. but it never worked on you and you would just start laughing.

tash, so many things happened that day. i lost you and 6 other amazing friends. you and portia and the others gained your heavenly reward. and soo many people came to christ through you guys testimony. thanks for those precious years of friendship tashie. you were such and amzing, blessed young woman of God and i love you sooo much. anyway i better go because im actuali doing this in corrospondence class lol. and don't laugh because i know your laughing right now.

love you heaps and heaps, ashabee


Chhaya Narayan

Dearest Tasha,

Many happy returns of the day in eternity for (01/09/08). We will celebrate your life here on earth as you celebrate eternity with Christ. I can imagine you having the biggest and the pinkest party in heaven.  You will be in our thoughts ever more on this special day. 

Missing you heaps but assured in the hope of seeing you again.

Mrs. Narayan

Ashley, Manukau





Well Natasha, it's your 17th birthday today. hope you have a rad time up there in heaven. missing you heaps down here though. Love You,

Ashley (ashabee)

Renee, Pakuranga

Hey Tash Wish you a very Happy Birthday today. May God bless your parents and sister and brother as they struggle to tide through today without you. May you rest in eternal peace in the loving comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY PRINCESS!


Nandee, Howick, New Zealand

Hi Tash my darling, I am so sad that i missed your 17th birthday. I so wanted to be with you. On the 1st we were travelling on a bus from Madrid to Barcelona and I cried all the way. But I heard it was a very special celebrated day, which made it alot easier fro me to cope with.

I can't tell you how much i miss you, your smile, your laughter, your care for others, our shopping trips, I can go on. Just know you are always in my heart. I have lit candles all around Europe for you.


Bye for now

Nandee x x x

lizaan & mongelique, auckland

hey Tash

You have really been an inspiration to many. even though we did not know u personally we saw u around school and u always had a smile on ur face. When you sang in the band we could always hear u and u just hardout 4 God! You have an amazing voice and we are sure you sing in the choir up there in heaven! we miss u!

u have an awesome family who loves u dearly.

love lizaan and mongelique


Larissa Hastings, Dannemora Auckland

Natasha :]

I got to know you during the time you were in my howick netball club team and from the begining we hit off a friendship. you were such a bubbly, lively character and a real player on the netball court!You were loved by everyone around you and are missed by everyone today. You were always friendly and whenever i bumped into you like at the get2go challenge taht we both did, where you guys won =P and around town at botany or the netball courts you were always friendly and chirpy.

Mum said she bumpd into your family at farmers before you left for camp. she told me when i got home that you were going to OPC. I told mum you would have a great time because i was there only a few weeks before you were. So when the news came that some people from elim college were in a terrible accident and passed away the first thought that came to my head was you. Mum said what if its natasha? but i thought naaahhh it couldnt be. it gave me quite a shock when i found out you were one of the unlucky ones. To think that a friend my age had passed away at the same camp i had been at. pretty scary =S

Natasha you were an amazing person. the spirit of god shone through you in every way. You are an inspiration to me in many ways you don't know. hearing your story and the wonderful life you Lived makes me want to change things in my life today. You will be remembered forever and will be in my heart and mind always.

Rest in peace Natasha.

Lots of love and hugs

Larissa Hastings, your netball buddy (:


Joanna, Sydney, Australia

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Hey Tash,

I loved the great week we had together at conference 03. I still have all the photos we took and all the fun memories we shared. You're an awesome girl and the impact that you've left is remarkable.


Jo xx

Annette Pereyra, California, USA

My Dearest Natasha,

I have had the opportunity to meet your Nandee and grandpa on our tour to Portugal and Spain.  She has talked about you a lot and sometimes I would feel her love for you and how she misses you so much that tears would form in my eyes.  I checked your website once we got back from the trip and there I could feel like I have known you.  Your smile is like an angel's and now you are with them.  I find you as an inspiration and you've touched my heart in some way.  You do have some resemblance of your Nandee.  I can see her eyes in yours.  I will keep you all in my prayers and someday I'll meet you in Heaven.  God Bless!

Vicky & Carl Schokman, Geelong / Australia

Dear Natasha, I feel like I know you even though we have never met.  Carl and I have the pleasure of meeting your beautiful Nandee and Grandpa on our recent trip through Portugal and Spain.  We shared many special moments together and you were a part of every conversation.  Most days your Nandee would wear her "jump in puddles" T Shirt and we could feel you in our midst... Nandee and I had special cuddles on your birthday, it was a very sad day for her.  In Seville your Nandee and I spent the afternoon in the pool and sunbaking, you name was always on her lips.  God Bless you Natasha, they say he takes the best first!

Elaine Kitt

Dearest Nikki,
I am so shocked and saddened to hear about your terrible loss. I was looking at Friends Reunited (very rarely look anymore) as they had sent me an email and my absolute delight in looking at your beautiful family picture turned to horror as I read about what happened to your lovely girl. The website is a wonderful and fitting testament to Tash, she was obviously a stunning, bright, intelligent and kind young adult, growing with your immense love and commitment into a simply wonderful young woman. In some of the pictures she reminds me so much of you, Nik! I am sending you all my love and hugs across the miles and hope that you are all somehow finding the strength to cope with such a devastating loss. You are so brave in the articles and videos and I hope that your faith continues to sustain you. You are in all our thoughts.
My email address is Please let me know how you are.

Jess, Pakuranga

Hey tash,

I miss you so much right now. Its not the same anymore. I cant see you every time I go to band or at youth. I miss being able to text you and get your super quick reply's. It's just not the same with you gone. Something will happen and it will be you that i want to text and tell first but i cant now.

You were the most amazing best friend anyone could have ever asked for. No matter what happened you were always there for me. You Get Me!! that will always be our song. But its so true, you could read me like a book. I wouldnt even have to tell you stuff cause you would have already worked it out. Bus Buddies to harvest. that was so much fun, you wouldnt stop talking :)

Since the day i met you, i have felt so lucky to have been able to be best friends with such an awesome person. I cant wait till the day that i get to see you again. I still remember a promise that we made eachother and im going to keep it just for you :)

I miss you heaps but i love you so much more


Jaimee Abicht, Sydney/Auckland

Tash and I virtually grew up together as we went to the same primary school and lived across the road from each other. Evenings were spent exchanging pleasantries as we would inevitably bump into each other riding our scooters around the Millen Ave cul-de-sac. (Scooters are after all by far THE most convenient mode of transport when one is under twelve, and they were all the rage in 1999). Sleep-overs at the Bray's were the norm when the parents were away on any kind of retreat, and fun times were had in general. Our paths crossed again when we both wound up at Elim Christian College and I fondly remember being in the worship band with Tash and giving her singing lessons... the girl really had NO idea how good she was. She was absolutely beautiful. Tash was always like a younger sister to me, as we were similar in many ways and aspired to similar things. I personally always had a lot of respect for the way she went against the crowd and stood for truth whilst always maintaining her quietly gentle spirit. The girl was incredible. She was ridiculously encouraging and some of the things she said to me have stuck with me always and comforted me when I've felt low. I especially treasure them now, and frankly feel privileged simply to have known her. Tash isn't someone that I feel I could ever sum up in 200 words or less in a small text box. I simply could never do her justice. Hence this tribute I fear is already far too long. I still get a lump in my throat even thinking about her, and to be honest, I hope I always do. In remembrance. And in gratitude. The impact her life evidently had on so many in her 16 years of life far outweighs what many have in a lifetime... and I can say that with no trace of cliche in my voice. 

You were gold Natasha Bray. And your life story will impact many more people yet. Watch this space.

(And just by the way... if I could live across the road from you again in heaven, I'm thinking that would be fairly rad. Who knows. We might even be able to make scooters cool again...)

Love always, Jaimee xx


Wow, you sound like you were such a wonderful young lady.

To the Brays: You are such an inspiring family. To lose such a wonderful part of your family would be such a terrible thing. God uses everything to bring forth goodness, and your daughter has certainly left a shining example for young people today. May you continue to grow in Him.



Trudie Moorehead, Auckland

It was such a pleasure to style Natashs's hair and makeup.

Natasha was such a natural beauty, it was easy to help project that even more. 

Thankyou for Being such a naturally beautiful client, one who was always so greatful and loving through the process.

Thankyou for the Gift of you in my journey of helping  natural beauty come through.

I think I will never meet another; as fair and beautiful as thee.

Thankyou God, for Natasha.

Trudie Moorehead.

Alana Tisdall, Auckland

Hey Tasha,

How are you? I had some time off this morning so I thought I'd come and spend some time with you on your awesome website! I think about you every day - your photo is still my background on my phone. You hated that photo, but it captures you perfectly, and I love it. I found some stickers the other day in a scrapbooking catalogue called "Puddle Jumper" so I bought some for your mum to put in the album she's making of your last days. I've seen it - I'm so glad your last few days were so much fun, I could tell from your face in every single photo that you were having the time of your life. I'm not sure what you think of the results of the first investigation, but I am glad Jodie did not get blamed. We did some pretty dangerous things at OPC (we didn't do the canyoning, but we made our own rafts and went white water rafting on the river), and I trusted every single one of those instructors with my life and I knew that they wouldn't purposely put us in harms way and they would do everything in their power to make sure we were safe. So I know that Jodie would have been doing the same for you guys. What happened shouldn't have happened, but I'm glad Jodie wasn't officially blamed. I never met Portia but I wish I had, she sure brought out a side of Tash I wish I knew! And that wooden spoon video cracks me up!!! Man you are crazy! This was the one year I wanted to do lots with you - High School Musical On Ice (although we would have made you sit on the other side of Vector Arena cuz you would have dressed up, you freak), High School Musical 3 (may have to con Olivia into going with me!) and of course Phantom of the Opera. I'm SO sorry I ruined that movie for you, but I was going to take you to the stage show just to prove to you that the movie was bad. I'm working on the show so I wouldn't have been able to take you but I would have been able to take you backstage and shown you in a different way. But I know you've seen it. I felt you there on the first preview night. I hope you enjoyed it!! You should come again - maybe tomorrow matinee with your sis and dad? The first preview wasn't the best show ever....It's a bit more polished now! I think about you every day in the second act when I'm sitting on stage, stuck behind a set piece, and Christine is singing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". I wish you were somehow here again. Oh Tash, you've made me cry! I hope that song doesn't make Olivia and Andy sad. It's a lovely song and Ana sings it so well. But it's only a show - they should enjoy themselves for once. Anyway, my darling Tash, I think I've just written you an essay!!! Feels good to say these things to you though. Oh and the song "Tattoo" by Jordin Sparks has just started. This song reminds me of you too. "You're on my heart just like a tattoo". Yes you are. Anyway I'm sure we both have things to do! I love you Tash - feel free to come visit anytime xx

Love Alana xx

Zilea Simpson , Brisbane - Australia

In memory of Natasha's Intermediate years @ Elim.

Natasha was always very dignified for a young girl her age and very respectful of her teachers. If she could help in any way, she always did and with an exceptional attitude. She was able to rally the support of others for a good cause. When I had conversations with her, I always got the feeling that I was only scratching the surface and wished that I had more time to talk to her to find out more about her thoughts of whatever it was we were talking about! I got the impression that she did not only answer questions in a conversation, but that she was really thinking about the issue and weighing up a few ideas in her mind. Quite exceptional! She was a deep thinker and very serious about things that mattered to her, but at the same time she was as friendly and bubbly as only an 11 year old can be!

Love and miss you Natasha.

Zilea Simpson

Nandee. , New Zealand

Hello My Darling Girl,

Seven months have gone by, I know one thing for sure, “Time is a great healer” is not so true.

I miss you now even more and more. Not seeing your smilie face, you’re huge hugs, hearing your beautiful laughter, and your enthusiasm for shopping with me, all the girlie things you did.  The excitement in your voice when you shared what you had done with your friends and how you shared the love you had for them.  How you would tell me about looking after the kiddies at PowerZone, seeing you cook Brownies, looking at your scrap book, and how you just love singing and worshipping God, and how you shared the love you have for Jesus with everyone else. See the huge hole you have left behind honey. It is so hard, but I do know you would want us to be joyful. You were the epitome of JOY, so in your honour I am going to really look at the positive in all of this.  I can just see you now sitting up in heaven with the little ones and singing your heart out to them.

Just know darling you are always in my heart. Love you heaps and heaps.

Nandee x x x   “Jump in Puddles”



hello lovely :)

its been a while since youve been gone and ive been thinking a whole lot about you lately

i didnt know you long only about a year and a half, cuz i only just moved here from Canada but we hit it off like old friends from the moment we first spoke...

every birthday party id see you at we would pair up to play spot light and you were the only thing that made that game fun! ahaha we'd crawl around peoples front porches and yell at eachother in chinese cuz i gave up on trying to teach you gibberish :P

you were truely one of a kind my dear,

now your Jesus' princess, and there is probably nothing you could have ever wanted more

i heart you!


Lee, Howick. New Zealand

Hi Natasha, (God’s Angel Princess)

It is your Nandee’s friend Lee here. 7 months have gone by and I still don’t believe it.

We still talk about you as though you are with us here. Yet we are finding it so hard.  Your Nandee misses you so much, but I know she wants to go on in JOY just for you and your sweet memory. Me, I wear your badge every single day, I love wearing it and I do it for your Nandee, the love she has for you is so evident.  People around New Zealand are still talking about you and the impact you have made. At such a young age it is amazing Natasha  that people and your friends saw the love you had for Jesus. They say, every step of the way you put Jesus first.

 My heart sings when I hear things like that. The young are our future and when Jesus is displayed so clearly it is wonderful to see. God must be very pleased with his good and faithful servant. Bless you Natasha.

I did not get to hear you sing but we so look forward to catching up with you in heaven and hearing your beautiful voice.  ‘O Holy Night’ is your Nandee’s favourite, so perhaps that can be the first song you sing to me.

Love you heaps Natasha and whenever I see PUDDLES, I am constantly reminded of you. I often wear the "Jump in Puddles" T Shirt I got your Nandee to get for me.

I know you will be enjoying yourself with Jesus, you dear and precious young lady.

Lee  x x



Hi Tash   Portias birthday today, please behave yourselves as you celebrate...miss your smile, but know you are having a ball in Gods presence...oodles of noodles...hugs from Nathanel and de Boers xx

Gabby , Botany, Auckland

Dear Tasha, it's been a while now and every single day that seems to pass never goes without a thought about you.

everything about you seemt perfect, and although nobodie's perfect you seemt to be the closest to it. There's never been a right time to say goodbye but having you leave without that one last hug or that one last laughter has been the hardest bit, cause although we'd had a lot of laughter and a lot of fun together not knowing that the last time was actually the LAST time has really got to me.

but damn girl, you were such an inspiration, you'd inspire anyone and everyone who would meet you.

hunny, although i might'n see you in heaven cause of the stupid life i live - knowing you has always been the best part of my lifee cause for once i actually got to see a god that actually loved me..

Lovee you babeee!



susan petersen, bethlehem

I was very sorry to hear of Natasha's loss.  I never knew her, but I wanted to leave a tribute to her, simply because of her 'full on' attitude to life. I hope she is now at peace and has found some puddles to jump in, up in heaven.  I often allow my daughter, to jump in puddles, instead of avoiding them, thanks for your inspiration Natasha, you were a beautfiful looking lady.

Lee, Howick. New Zealand

Hi Natasha, (God's Angel Princess)

It is your Nandee's friend Lee here. 7 months have gone by and I still don't believe it.

We still talk about you as though you are with us here. Yet we are finding it so hard. Your Nandee misses you so much, but I know she wants to go on in JOY just for you and your sweet memory. Me, I wear your badge every single day, I love wearing it and I do it for your Nandee, the love she has for you is so evident.&nbsp; People around New Zealand are still talking about you and the impact you have made. At such a young age it is amazing Natasha that people and your friends saw the love you had for Jesus.

They say, every step of the way you put Jesus first. My heart sings when I hear things like that. The young are our future and when Jesus is displayed so clearly it is wonderful to see. God must be very pleased with his good and faithful servant. Bless you Natasha.

I did not get to hear you sing but we so look forward to catching up with you in heaven and hearing your beautiful voice. O Holy Night; is your Nandee's favourite, so perhaps that can be the first song you sing to me.

Love you heaps Natasha and whenever I see PUDDLES, I am constantly reminded of you. I often wear the "Jump in Puddles" T Shirt I got your Nandee to get for me.

I know you will be enjoying yourself with Jesus, you dear and precious young lady.

Lee x x

Renee, Pakuranga

Hey Natasha,

Your loss is irrepairable. The incident that happened 7 months ago is still so fresh, the pain is unbearable. I never knew you but you are in my thoughts every single day. One can only imagine the pain your parents are going through each day of their lives. Andy and Nikki, you are not alone in this suffering. We suffer the pain too, of an unnecessary loss and that too of a jewel far beyond any comparison. May God bless you abundantly. May He comfort you in your prayer and reserve that special place for you in Heaven , just beside your beloved daughter Natasha. We live in hope that we will all have an encounter with you one day!

Love you heaps my lovely girl.


Aimee, Auckland

Natasha was someone who I met just weeks before the tragedy. I was also at the Rotary Leadership Camp at Hunua in March, and I remember her by the way one day at a mealtime, she came bounding up to me, and said "I'm sure I know you from somewhere". She didn't rest until she'd worked out where she knew me from! I couldn't believe it, and it turned out that it was only a matter of having seen me perform at a Christmas Salvation Army function. She was so incredibly interested in every individual, and that stuck out so much to me. I just wish I had been able to talk with her more, as she was obviously an absolutely unbelievable young lady. This site is amazing and brings a tear to my eye, even though I only knew Tash for a few days. Thank you! Aimee


hi i never got to know natasha and im so sorry for this she seemed like an amazind girl and her legacy will definately live on if i am half the person natasha was ill be proud she is an inspiration to all and you should be so proud of her. she has made me realise that life is short and to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. thank you tash all my love to you all holly xxx


Hi Tash My Darling,

I have a heavy heart right at this moment. I just want to hold you and give you a big hug. I want to hold you and never let you go.

It is still so hard Tash, infact it is worse now, even though I still can't believe it has happened, I know you will not come back to earth. Why would you, you are in Paradise with the one you love the most. It's just that we have not finished with you yet. Selfish I know, but we love you so, so much.  We have incredible memories/photo's of you and what memories you left Natasha. You were truly an amazing young lady. (Precious child of God.) An amazing lagacy.

Still people tell us of the incredible things you did and you never said a word to anyone, just quietly going around and encouraging.

I love and miss you my darling Grand-daughter.

God Bless

Nandee  x x x x x x x

***Jump in Puddles***


Christmas Day 2008


 Hi Tasha Darling Girl,  Happy Christmas!!

How’s Christmas going up in Heaven sweetheart? the bestest ever I would say.

We will do our best here to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, but it will be a little sad not having our little organiser with us. Yes I know you will be with us in spirit. We will Joyous because I know that is what you’d want us to be, ‘Joyful’ after all it is our Saviour’s birthday. He is our focus today.


It is still so had Tasha without you, but we will celebrate the life you had with us, I am so thankful for those precious 16 years. Thank you honey for being the awesome young lady you are, we are so proud of you.

Hapy Christmas to you Tash, Portia, Tony, Floyd, Antz, Tara and Tom and all the other Angels up in Heaven. (Happy Birthday Jesus)

Love and Hugs


Jump in Puddles Princess


Mark Norton, England

At a time when most of us are looking forward to a special date in the calendar, Christmas, I would just like to pause for a short while and give thought to my lovely sister Nikki, Brother in Law Andy and Olivia and Ben, who will for the first time be without eldest daughter and sister, Natasha, for reasons we are all very much aware.

The absence of Tash will have an immense effect on so many family members and friends this year, as will be the case for every one of those poor souls sadly lost in that tragedy. I sincerely hope you can all find a moments hapiness at this special time as I'm sure those departed  loved ones will want to see.

They are all watching over us. Much love to you all. xx

Mark Norton, England

Merry Christmas Tash. Sadly we only spent just one Christmas with you, but it was the best ever.

Much love to you.

Uncle Mark, Auntie Kim, Cousins Jade and Carlie xx

Carlie Norton

Hey Tash,

The last time I spoke to you was this time last year, when we were wishing each other a <b>merry christmas</b> over myspace! I wish we could do  the same this year.  In the past year I have learnt a lot, to cherish every minute and make the most of everything I do.  Libby and your mum are coming to England next year and and how much would we all have loved it if you could of come too.  I still get that lump in my throat when I think that we will never see you again, Jade wanted to write a message too but I think she finds it hard to.  We watched the video earlier of your mum winning mum of the year, and Bens legacy speech, I bet your so proud! Not sure if any of this will ease over time, but we think and talk about you so much, we are so proud to have such wonderful cousins.  We feel so priviledged to have met you and spend the time that we did with you.


You are in our thoughts always Tash and although we were always millions of miles away from you, we miss you so much!


<b>Merry Christmas to a <u>wonderful</u> Cousin</b>


Love Carlie & Jade


New Year 2009, New Zealand






Wish you were here to celebrate it with us. Miss you honey, so so much.

Love you 4eva.



“Jump in Puddles”



Georgia, Hamilton

Dear Bray Family.

although i didnt know you beautiful daughter , you must be so proud. She looks like one of those special girls that when she walks into a room her smile brightens your day ; or makes you feel good inside. i also dont know what it feels like to lose child but just know that she will always be watching over you ; her spirit will live forever. just by reading some of the tributes that people have written makes me tear up.  a beautiful young lady so inspiring and willing to give anything a try makes me feel like New Zealand has lost someone who could have grown to make a big difference in our country. your daughter is truely a role model and had the true potential to be some great. my prayers are with your whole family. "Jump in puddles" is a saying that will live on forever. stay strong ; nathasha is in a better place now.

God Bless  

Ashleigh, Auckland

Hey Tashie,

Miss you so much. It doesnt feel real that you are gone. I went to Opoutere on the weekend and saw your family. We went to the yellow seat and were able to see the view that you once saw. I never really knew you but I feel that you have played a really big part in my life. I will always remember you. You such a wonderful girl and never forget it. Your my angel Tash.

Love you


Lauren, UK

hey i didnt no natasha but she seemed a bright, beautiful girl inside and out.  When i heard/saw wat happend i was in tears none of them kids deserved it you and ur wife never deserved it yous seem great parents you should be so so proud of tasha ,of wat she achieved. Am sure portia n tasha are up thre rite now dancing and singin along to hsm having so much fun in paradise ( L ) =).  best wishes to you and ur family in the future <3   Lauren xx

Renee, Pakuranga

It's 2009. A new year, a new start. Nothing will change the fact that we have lost our beloved children last year and in our hearts we still mourn the loss. Years will come and go past. This pain will live with us each day. An unnecessary unimaginable loss, a mistake that cost 7 valuable lives. A pain that these parents have to go through each minute of their lives.

Whenever I see these beautiful faces there is a feeling of despair, a sense of helplessness.  OPC have accepted blame which is great news, but do they realize the that this does in no way help those grieving families. Do they realize that one sensible and responsible call that fateful day would have saved those lives and this Christmas would have been like the last one and others gone by.

Natasha, Portia, Floyd, Anthony, Tom, Tara and Tony we love you and miss you. You will remain in the hearts of New Zealanders FOREVER.

January 2009, New Zealand

Hi Natasha,


Firstly: I just want to say how lovely it was to see your Mum, Dad, Olivia and Benjamin on Christmas Day serving Christmas lunch to those who would have otherwise been on their own on Christmas Day. I know it was something you Natasha had already signed up to do this past Christmas; I feel they honoured you by continuing to do it, as hard as it was for them.


I can only imagine the Christmas and New Year you and your friends would have had up in heaven with Jesus and all the other beautiful angels. But that does not fill the gap of missing you here with us, and Natasha you were terribly missed.


Secondly: It was good to hear that OPC had admitted guilt for the terrible accident that took you and your friends from us. In my mind it was an accident that should never have happened. We have 7 seven grieving families who need not be grieving had someone on the day taken a much more responsible approach to the kids being taken out it that horrid weather. I know we cannot dwell, but things could have been so different.


15th April 08 will be etched in my mind forever and the families will be forever in my heart and prayers.


Natasha, Portia, Tony, Tom, Floyd, Anthony and Tara we are thinking of you and we always will. ‘God’s Seven Beautiful Angels in Heaven’.



Lee D.


Gabby , Botany, Auckland .

Natasha Bray   -

Time keeps passing by, and the more time goes by - it seems to hurt more. No one I meet or even talk to is like you, and to be honest Im glad because no one can take your place here. although I miss you heaps, and wish that you could come back here, I know that your probably not wanting to anyway but darling, does this ever get any easier? does lossing someone you care about ever stop hurting you? Idk . But what you've taught me is that Life is too short to waste how precious our lives are, and that anything could happen.&&thats something I'll never forget cuz just that one encouragement changed my whole life.

Life hasn't gotten much easier since you've left, I wanna be able to say that it has though? but babe, thank youu. Thank you for everything that you've ever done for me; thank you for the love you gave me when I need it&&no one else could give it to me. thankyouu that through everything you always were there willing to guide me .

I miss youu Natasha, Love you always . ♥


Nandee, To a Daughter of the King of Kings

Hi Natasha my darling girl,

Today is 10 months since you went home to be with the love of your life.

You lived every day for the day when you would meet Jesus, you we taught how it is to live a Christian life with the end results to be in the arms of Jesus.

You lived that so well, but honey, we still miss you so very much. I never, ever thought it would be this hard.

Yesterday was Valentines Day, I expect you were  having hugs from Jesus.

Love and miss you heaps darling, here is some loving  just for you  XX X X XX X X X X XX X X X X

""""Jump in Puddles"""""


Annie, Auckland

Hey Natasha!

I heard your brother's "Leaving a legacy" speech today for like the 5th time, and you know what? It is still VERY powerful and inspirational. You are an amazing girl, you left a legacy, a legacy that inspired many people, including me. I've setted myself a goal, which is to get the Dux cup at the End of Year Prizegiving, it was you that inspired me. You are always in our hearts, we love you:)

maureen antrea, suva/fji

" You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all shes left. Your heart can be empty because you cant see her, or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her only that she is gone, or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. or you can do what she'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go o"




maureen antrea, suva/fji

" You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all shes left. Your heart can be empty because you cant see her, or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her only that she is gone, or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. or you can do what she'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on. "




Siobhan van Nierk, Auckland

Hey there Tash

Jst wanted to say how much i miss you! I still look forward to seeing you lovely smiling face.

im busy reading your dads boom at the moment and i just wanted to say how lucky u r to have such an amaing day dad like yours! ur  so lucky. when i first started to read his book i was so excited to come and tell you, then i realised... darling its really hard not seeing you around and i hate it.


Its just not the same without you!

lots of love

siobhany (AKA Shibby)


Katherine Savage, Auckland

Hey Tasha,

Well it is almost a year since you have gone to join the Lord in heaven and it still only feels like just yesterday. A couple of weeks ago i got to watch your sister get baptized - i know that are so proud of her. It was such a honour to be apart of her special day.

I miss you so much!!! I watched your movie the other day when it premiered. It was so beautiful. You were an amazing inspiration to so many Tash. I would say that i wish you were here but i think it would be better to be where you are than where we are - so i will say i wish i was with you in heaven.

Love you


Ella and Cos, Gold Coast - Australia
One Year Anniversary
We love you Tash. Even though we hardly knew you, you have changed our lives forever. You are an aspiration to us all.
God bless you for touching so many people.
Ella & Cos

Lee, Howick Manukua New Zealand

11th April 2009

Hi Natasha,

Almost one year it is since you went home to be with Jesus. One year and what a journey it has been for everyone. But you know Natasha you have left your mark down here. What an inspiration you are and a wonderful legacy you have left. Your DVD was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.

It is still very, very hard for your family and friends down here as you made a lasting impression and they miss you more then words can express. Your Nandee is still very much brokenhearted at not having you here with her. Yet she knows you are where you most wanted to be and does try too be happy for you. One day we will all be with you. We continue to “Jump in Puddles” that phrase is sure catching on here.


Lee (Howick)

Trudie, Pakuranga, New Zealand


15th April 09


You are still so close in our hearts Natasha, One year on, but always Forever.

Trudie x


Nandee, New Zealand


To My beautiful Grand-daughter Natasha Aimee

15th April 2009

Since you went home to be with Jesus you are never very far from my thoughts. I remember all the things we enjoyed doing together, like shopping, shopping and more shopping. (Yes, we did other things), but we did love shopping together. I so miss your singing, your voice was so sweet and when you were singing to Jesus it showed how much you loved him. Now my precious you are with him and while I am happy that you are where you most wanted to be, life is still hard without you.

The void in my life is huge; life will never be the same again. But you know Tash what I hang onto, ONE day I will be with you, you Jesus and all our loved ones. Praise God.

Until then my precious precious Tasha, be well in the arms of Jesus .

I love you more than any words could ever express.

Nandee    X X X X X

Jumping in Puddles


Carlie, England


Its been a yr now and I think about you more than ever.

I have read what everyone has wrote on here, and you are missed so much, even by people that were not fortunate to get the chance to have met you.  That means you are such a special person Tash, to have an impact on so many different peoples lives and to leave the legacy that you have.

Your truly missed hun,  Love you Loads and forever!




Gabby , Botany

I miss you Tashaa .

Its been a year now, and still its hard facing the facts that your not coming back. I hope that your enjoying Heaven..Somebody once told me that God only takes those who are ready, and I guess you were one of them xx

Miss youuuu !


Jackie, Auckland

To Andy and Nicki (and family),

I never got to offically meet Natasha, but I wanted to share how we had a moment once together. It was at Andy's celebration night and I saw Natasha from across the room. Strange and cheesy as it sounds we had a moment where she looked my way and I looked at her and we both gave each other the biggest smiles. Maybe even a wave (my memory is foggy on that). Unfort. I was on our way out the door and there were dozens of people between us so I never ventured over to offically say hello. Of course now I wish I had, to share what a lovely job I thought she did speaking at her dads celebration night and how she just wore the fruit of the Spirit, love, peace and joy all over her face! But I recall telling my husband on the way to the car, Oh I got a smily from Andy's daughter! I felt very privilaged. 

My life has been touched in a unique way by being able to learn about and see the impact Natashs's life had (from afar). I keep thinking, oh if I only had a friend like her when I was back in college, maybe I would have made better choices! I'm so thankful that God used her for this specific time and her legacy is living on to impact others lives as it has mine.

I can't imagine the pain and sadness that comes like fresh waves at the realization that Natasha is gone to be with Jesus for now. I think of you all often, and i've been praying for you from the moment I heard back in April 08. I praise God that our life here on earth is like a snap of our fingers compared to eternity with Jesus. I praise Him that Natasha's life made a tremendous impact in a limited amount of time and I thank God that her life reminds me to make an impact in my life.

Thank you Lord for Natasha, her parents, brother and sister and all the people who she loved and felt love from in her lifetime. May they live 100% sold out to You as she did! May we all jump in puddles.



Emma Hardwick, Paraparaumu

I was very sad when I heard about the tragedy and one year on, I still feel sad when I think about what had happened that day. It is hard, but it will get easier as time goes on and she will always be with you in spirit.

I never knew Natasha or any of the other victims, but they would have been an amazing bunch of people.

Juliet , Auckland

Beautiful beyond words, one year on and your spirit shines just as bright. Your life continues to touch many lives, I havent had the chance to meet you yet, your life and the following events, Jesus has been so real and such a foundation of peace and strength for your family and friends, I hope your having fun up there see you soon :-)

Angela Rawlinson, UK

Deanna, Nikki & family

A year has now passed since Natasha went to be with Jesus and I cannot imagine how painful that year has been for you all.  I hope the wonderful memories you have will in time ease the pain.  I know Natasha will always be watching over you from above.  Remember, when the rain falls, it is Natasha and her friends jumping in puddles in heaven and splashing you all, so go outside and find the biggest puddle to jump in and let her legacy live on.

"jumping in puddles"

Angela x

Renee, Auckland

It's a year now since 7 beautiful souls were returned to the Lord. All we have left is beautiful memories of seven wonderful lives taken away into heavenly bliss. One can almost hear the sound of those happy and content jumps in puddles up in heaven. Natasha your legacy is here to stay. Thank you for leaving those 3 wonderful words without which we'd be left in the dark. We will now hold your memory close to our heart and everytime storm and downpour threaten our lives, we will JUMP IN PUDDLES.

To all the 7 families, our heart felt sympathies are with you as you tackle the start of another empty year without your loved one. GOD BLESS YOU.


Dear Sweet Tash,

I sit here looking at the photo of You, Jade, Carlie & Libby.  I've never had the opportunity of meeting you Tash, all I know is you are the bright and shining star thats lights up the whole world, the heart felt warmth that your smile brings to me, it is so amazing, you are all so alike, full of love and full of fun! I so wish I could of met you Tash! Jade and Carlie told me so much about you.  Your mum and dad are such wonderful people, heaven sent them an angel - but the Lord needs you too Tash.  Shine that light precious child of God. X

Nandee, New Zealand

Hi My Precious Angel, 

I looked up into the sky last evening and notice how beautiful it was – then I realized it’s because you are up there. It was so full of colour and with such a beautiful glow, awesome.  Just like you Tasha.

We are still missing you Tash, more than you can imagine, but we know that you are where you most wanted to be. In the loving arms of Jesus, and one day, one day we will all be together for eternity. Won’t that be something!!

Love you heaps honey



Madii , Auckland

I recieved and watched 'Jumping In Puddles' today. I'm so amazed at how strong your family is Tash. They are beautiful people, Just like you. miss you so much and after watching the dvd it makes me understand what happened more. I hope you and Porshy are having fun!


To the Bray family.

My thoughts and Prayers are with you. Thankyou for being so inspiring.


x Madison.


Katherine, Auckland

Hey Tasha,

How are ya?? Well that is probably a very silly question considering that you are up there party with God - you lucky girl. Well your family came over for dinner on Sunday. We played this really weird game like charades but alot weirder and then Olivia and i got bored so we started to play all these fun as hand games - that was amusing let me tell you. i think that the adults got a big laugh out of that one.

Your family is so amazing the way they have stayed so strong through all this. You should be so proud of them - i know that i am. It is my ball in a couple of weeks and i just went and got my dress - i showed it to olivia on Sunday and she said that it was very pretty i think is is too and i dont even like dresses. And the day before my ball is the Hannah Montana movie. Your mom told me a couple of months ago how you liked hannah montana too, so when i go i will be thinking of you. It would have been so cool to have gone with you but i guess i will just have to go with you in spirit instead.

You were truely amazing tasha, you still are. I love you so much. Hope you are having fun with God and all your friends and new friends up there in heaven. i bet it is heaps of fun. cant wait til i join you and you will be able to show me around. but could you do me a favour tash and give my grandma a hug from me and tell her that i love her and miss her too.

Thanks you are a star!!!!

Love you

Renee, Auckland

Missing you heaps Natasha. Time flies and memories remain of that fateful day 15/4/08. May God bless you and keep you happy and keep your family always happy and cheerful with your delightful memories. I've never met or known you except through the news that day in april last year, but your loss has meant a great deal and life seems so fragile now. I wish this incident had never occurred and that we could always be happy but God has his own plans and they say life is a journey filled with good and bad in equal measure.

Do hope you are having a ball with Portia, Floyd, Tara. Anthony, Tony and Tara. God Bless you all. 

Katherine Savage, Auckland

Hey there Tash,

Its me again. Haha. I thought that i would just write a little something to say hi. So HI!! haha. Anyway i was missing you today and i was having a bit of a sad day - we watched pay it forward - and you are a good listener so i thought that i would just write to you and say hi and talking to you alway seems to cheer me up.

I am missing you heaps, but i know that you are in a better place i guess i will just have to wait a while to give you a hug

Love ya


Stephanie DeVere-Ellery, Auckland


I didn't know Tash personally, but I feel that God is calling me to know her better. From what I know, Tash was an amazing person. Everything you could wish for, and more. I feel that she has touched and changed alot of lives by her death, and couldn't be more sorry. (im getting a bit teary!)

I know Oliva Bray a little, and from what I can tell, her faith is rock solid and her life is completly centered around God, just like Tash. I feel like I miss Tash, I'm not completely sure why, perhaps because of how much of an inspiration she was, or the potential she had.

I can't even to begin to imagine how special she was to you.

Tash, you're my insipration, everytime I feel down I try to 'Jump in puddles' sometimes even literally! I hope heaven's fab :)



Rachel, North Shore

Hey Natasha,

I bought 'Jumping in Puddles' today. It's beautiful, just like you. You inspire me every single day, Tash. I hope you and Portia are having the most amazing time up in Heaven. I can't wait to see you there.

All my love,


Katherine Savage

Hey Tasha!!!

How is it up there in heaven??? It is pretty cool down here on earth. Well probably not as cool as it is in heaven but you know cool for earths standards anyway. Well it is the start of term three - there is only like fourteen weeks of school left!!! Well at least that is what all the teachers are telling us. Kind of a scary thought really that school is almost over. I had my school ball a couple of weeks ago - that was pretty fun. I got to dress up all fancy and have my hair done, oh and helen did my makeup for me.

So anyway... i have been missing you alot lately. Your dad and your brother came over for dinner about two weeks ago. We had heaps of fun - haha - your brother is sooooo funny!!!!! We played cards games and well ill tell you a secret if you dont tell anyone - us kids may or may not of kinda cheated, well not cheated per say more like we helped each other out. From what I hear it sounds like your mum and your sister are having a BLAST in europe!!! They are soo lucky, for many reasons, one is that it is summer and warm up in the northern hemisphere.

I think that there is a possiblity that we might be going on holiday with your family again. I had so much fun the last time we went away with them last year. Your mommy helped teach me how to drive and ben and olivia and helen were teasing me - it was quite funny really. So it should be really fun if we all go away again. Although i do wish that you could come to. :(

But i guess that you are having more fun were you are.

Well i better go. I love you and i miss you SOOO much.

Cant wait to be able to give you a hug.


Katherine Savage

Hey Tashie,

How has your day been so far?? My day has been alright. School is tad boring but apart from that it has been okay. I got to look at my ball photos today. They are really cool. My mommy is going to order lots - haha - cause she wants to send them to people so i have had to right down what pictures are which so she will know what to order. I have been having a bit of a hard time lately with somes friends, but i have seem to have found some new friends, well i use to hang out with them in like year 11 but it is nice to hang out with them again. So that has been good.

It is almost the end of the second week of this term. I cant believe how fast this year has gone. I mean it seems like just yesterday i was going on leadership camp and then starting school. I just wish that everything would slow down , that time would just stop . I just cant seem to keep up with it at the moment. This week in itself has gone so fast, i cant believe that tomorrow is friday but then again i had monday and tuesday off school so that may be a contributing factor.

Im pretty excited for this weekend. Oh and its your sisters birthday. So that is pretty cool and i found out last night that we are going on holiday with your family this coming holidays.  Im excited.

Well i better go now so ill talk to you later.

Love you lots and lots and lots!!!! Cant wait to see you!!! But i guess i will just have to wait awhile.


Lee, New Zealand


Hello Natasha,

Just wanted to send you another little email to let you know we are still thinking of you, our dear child in God. You are still very much missed down here, but your family is so strong as they continue to try and live a normal life, whatever normal might be.  We continue to talk of you as you will always be with us that is for sure. I wait for the day when I will meet you Natasha and hear your beautiful singing voice. I did not get to hear it down here. But people have said how lovely it sounded. So until then I will carry you in my heart.

Lee  - your sister in Christ.

Madison, Hamilton

HI I'm madison

I don't know Tash, I've never met her. But one night my elder sister thought we should borrow the movie Jump in Puddles from her friends. So we watched it that night and I was struggling not to cry. My mum however did. The movie was really touching. I decided to find out a bit about Tash ( I hope you don't mind me calling you that ) so I found this site and read all the tributes ( it took a while! ) and I thought Natasha was amazing. I want so much to be like here. She is so kind and caring. I decided I'd make Natasha my role model. Speeches are coming up at our school so I'm going to wrtie about my new role model Natasha Bray.

Madii., Auckland!

Hey Princess.

Tomorrow is your birthday! That's so exciting!

I won't be on tomorrow so I thought I would say it now.






Sorry, I get over excited at Happy Birthday messages.

x i miss you

From Nandee, New Zealand


To the Kings precious daughter on this special day V


Hi Tasha,

It is so very hard to believe 17 months has gone by since you went home to be with Jesus.

I think and pray for you every day my darling. I live many days in yesterday’s thoughts

thinking of you growing up, you were a gorgeous little girl and you grew into such a

beautiful faith filled young women. Your love for Jesus was so evident.

I know Jesus will be very proud of you, we are.

 Today is your 18th Birthday,  1st September.

How I long for things to be different so that we could celebrate your birthday together.

But we will celebrate it my darling, we always will. I am sure you are watching up there,

and no doubt you Portia and the others will be having a ball.

Happy birthday my precious grand-daughter.

Be well in the arms of Jesus Tasha.

I love you more than any words

could ever express.

Nandee    X X X X X

Jump in Puddles




Lee, New Zealand

Hello Natasha,  "God's Special Angel"

Today is your 18th Birthday. I just want to wish you a happy birthday darling.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Many Blessings

Lee x x x x x x x x x


x, Auckland


Happy Birthday. The big 18. If only you could be here. Have a great time today.

Love you always.

Nandee, New Zealand

Hello My Precious One,

Just checking in to make sure you are OK.

Gosh Honey child we miss you so much. But you know Tash it is an honour that God chose me to be your Nana. I continually go over all the beautiful things you did and said, such a little entertainer. One day I look forward to hearing your beautiful voice again. I bet you are singing to the little children up there with you.

Just know my darling you are forever in our hearts. When I come I'll bring my jewellery for you. (You know what I mean).

Love you so much. Miss you so much more

Stay well in the arms of Jesus x x x

Nandee x x x x

anon, auckland

hey tash!

i didnt know you at akk, but you seemed like a pretty cool person to be around. you are a true inspiration to me, and i am amazed of how many lives you have touched. your an amazing women of God!

Renee, Pakuranga

Jesus's angel Natasha. May God bless you.

Kelly, Auckland

I can't begin to imagine what these wonderful teenagers families and friends are still enduring, everyday having to deal with their grief and loss. I'm not sure what I would do if I lost some one so close to me,

God Bless all of you:)


Alana, Remuera, Auckland

Hey Tash,

Been thinking a lot about you lately, especially since Aisling went missing. And now she's been found. It's all so sad. Her story kinda reminds me of yours, the horrible bits are similar. I wonder if you've come across her in heaven. I think she will need looking after, and I know you'll be great with her - you were always good with kids, and you sort of have stuff in common. It should be made law that everyone has to live until they are at least 80 or something. Anything else is just too awful.

Love you, Tash...and thank you for letting me sleep in your room a couple of months ago when I looked after Olivia and Ben. It was a real honour. xx

Love cuzzie Alana

Nandee, New Zealand

To my Precious, Princess,


It is Christmas once again, and I have to say Tasha,

It will never ever be the same, not until we are all together again.

Then we can have one huge Christmas celebration.


I feel very blessed Tash to have had you as

my grand-daughter

My memories of you my Princess will never die, you are so precious, so rare, so treasured.

  I bet you are having a ball with Jesus celebrating

His birthday.

We are all thinking of you honey, give Jesus our best wishes for His birthday.

Pass on our Christmas wishes to Tony, Portia, Anthony, Floyd, Tom, and Tara .

What do you think of Floyd’s little brother Judah?.

Nandee x x x

Jump in Puddles AlwaysV


Lee, New Zealand

Hello Natasha,

I am sorry I did not get to wish you a happy christmas, but I know with Jesus you would have had a better one than we did down here.

I continue to look at your photos that are on most of the walls in your Nandee's office. Such a beautiful young lady you are Natasha.

You know Olivia is growing up to be a real beauty also. You would be proud of Ben and Olivia. They are growing up so fast.

I hardly bears thinking that it will soon be two years since Jesus took you home.

God Bless you Natasha you are missed so much, the pain does not get any easier, and seeing those like your Nandee still longing for you to be here is heartbreaking, even though they know you are in the best place. God's Special Angel that's what you are.

Lee x x x

Nandee, New Zealand

Hi My Precious One.

I have been away in Australia and nowhere near a computer, that was my choice. Here is my belated New Year Wishes.

I know you are having  an awesome time up in Heaven with Jesus and all your friends. But we still very much miss you here honey. The hole in my heart is as big as ever. I wanted to do so much with you, and for you. I hang onto the day we can pick up where we left off and this time it will be for eternity. Nothing will ever separate us again.

Love you heaps and heaps.

Your Nandee x x x x x






G, Auckland


You are amazing, and i bet your having such a good time up there, Happy and Waiting for Everyone else to come. I miss you. I miss your smile when we used to fight over who got to our locker first. And i miss your encouragement. But I know that I'll see you again soon. =) And this time we can actually get to know eachother better. We can hang out like we were going too. =)


Miss you. x


Bill Harris, Tacoma, Washington, USA

I have prayed for you and for your parents.

May God bless them and keep them in peace and safety until it's time for everyone to be together again in Paradise.

Renee, Auckland

What a waste of seven beautiful lives nipped in the bud. Those who have erred must be brought to task. Not that it would help turn things around but erring to this extent is more negligence than anything else.

May God bless the souls of our beloved seven and provide strength to the family who have now been told that these lives may well have been saved if simple measures towards safety were taken.

God bless you

Natasha, NZ


As we remember 2nd Anniversary of you going home to be with Jesus, I have to say Tash it is as raw today as it was 2 years ago. I miss you so much darling. I miss how you laughed;  how you had that shy streak about you.  I guess I could go on and on as I miss every part of you, but perhaps what I miss the most is the JOY you  brought to my life.  I go right back to the day you were born, even walking the floor with you at when you would not settle down for the night. I so loved being your Nana. I enjoyed taking you out shopping and to McDonald. You would chat to everyone sitting around us. You went out of your way to make me feel blessed to have such a devoted grand-daughter.

Because of Jesus, and the gift he brought us with eternal life, confirms that I will see you again Tash. 

I can’t wait to see the face of Jesus.  What a glorious day that will be!  I know that you will be right with him, as I enter Heaven. I have so much to look forward to.  I love you always Natasha. Rest peacefully my precious one.

Your Nandee

x x x x x


Renee, Auckland

On your 2nd anniversary in heaven we pray May god keep you safe in his tender loving care. God bless you and your family.

To Natasha:, Howick NZ

Hello Natasha,


It is hard to comprehend that two year have gone by since you went to Heaven.

We still talk a lot about you Natasha, you are missed a great deal down here.

But we also know that you are in the best place, and with Jesus. Wonderful!!

Just wanted to let you know we love and miss you.

Tash I have a big favour to ask, my grand-daughter lost her little baby girl. ‘Noel Jade’. Could you keep an eye on her and give her big hugs, tell her, her mummy and daddy love her.

Bless You

Lee x


Mojan, Howick

Hi Tash

This is the first time I'm writing for you. When I first met you,actually not personaly just your photo in your nandee's office, you were with God. Since then I've heard a lot about you,and I feel I know you very well and miss you. Actually I see you almost every day, your photos are every where in your nandee's office and when I see them I can't imagine how hard is for your family to not seeing you around.

I'm sure you're happy now as you always been,I can say that for sure because in all your photos you have beautiful smile.

I wish I had chance to meet you before that tragedy.



Katherine Savage

Hey Tash :)

I am missing you today :) I know i haven't written in a while... im sorry but i have a lot to tell you now.

So next thursday i am heading off too america to go an work at camp. I remember how you and i use to talk about going to Gwynn Valley and working there when we had finished school. But even though you not here and won't be with me physical i know that you will be watching me and be there spiritually. 

Im excited to go. To get to go and see my uncle and friends that i haven't seen in awhile but i am kinda scared too. It's the first time im traveling without my parents - so that is going to be weird. Not beening with my family for five whole weeks. And not texting!!!! I can't text for FIVE WEEKS!!!!! that is going to be HARD - haha

Oh well... :)

I hope that you are good and that you are having an amazing time partying and hanging with God... :) Bet that is awesome fun

Well i better go cause i am being anti - social.... haha

Love you and MISS you mega....



Nandee, New Zealand

To God’s Princess

No one knows my heartaches; only those who have been there would know of the pain I bear in silence for you my precious one. What would I give to hold your hand, see your beautiful face once again, to hear your voice, to see your smile. I know someday we’ll meet again in the glorious place called Heaven. Until then PRINCESS, we have to continue to live life without you. That is so hard Tash, so hard.

Thank you for just being you, for all the caring things you did. I love you more than words can say. I wish you were here to celebrate your special day.

Happy 19th Birthday


Love and Hugs



Alana, Auckland

Happy 19th Birthday, my special cousin. I can't believe how much I miss you. We all got on with our lives, but there is always something niggling that just says something isnt right. You were a great friend, Tasha. It's amazing how when someone dies, you find out a whole lot more about the person than you knew when they were alive. I found many different sides of you, Tash, that I never experienced. Your complete and utter craziness with your friends, how deep your faith was, and just how much your family meant to you. I probably knew a side of you that noone else knew, and for that I'm glad - I loved the Tash I knew. My closest cousin. Something good can always come out of the bad, and although I'd much rather have you alive, I'm glad how close I have gotten to Olivia. Ohh I bet you're a bit jealous you missed out on meeting Katie! She is the cutest wee thing ever. I bet you're having fun watching her keep your little sister awake every night though! I'm sorry I can't go to your place tonight and celebrate with your family, but I will definitely be thinking of you all day, especially while I am making my giant hamburger cushion. Man would you have loved that! Anyway, hope you and Rainbow have a great birthday today.

Love you,

Cousin Alana xx

Sonia, Robin, Bjorn, Jai and Milla, Auckland


Wish you were here to celebrate your birthday and go through life with your family and us too!  We talk of you often and will never, ever forget you.  We miss your smiles and all your fun ways. One day......... we will all be together forever

Loads of love xoxoxo



Caitlin, Wellington

Happy Birthday Tash :) Hope you and Porsh are having a wicked time in heaven! xox

li, howick

happy birthday sweetie xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Katherine Savage

Hey there Tash,

How are you? You having an awesome time up there in heaven... I bet you are :) I'm sorry missed your birthday. But i'm wishing you a belated happy birthday now :)

Anyway as i have been in America for the past 5 weeks. It has been an amazing experience. i have learnt so much about myself. Which is a good thing :) I got to go to camp. I remember how you and i talked about doing that. Going to Gwynn Valley and working there for the summer. Tash you would have loved it. It is so beautiful there at camp. And the kids are so cute. And i know that you like horses - not really up my ally but hey :)

I wish you could have been there with me, but i know that you were, in a way, with me. You were in heaven watching me and you were in my heart. 

I love you and i miss you heaps.

Katherine xx

Katherine Savage

Hey Tasha,

Been thinking of you today :)  Missing you mega mega much!!!!! 

Love you so much

Nandee, New Zealand

My Precious Darling Natasha,

Another Christmas without my beautiful grand-daughter.

You were a precious gift from God above, so much beauty, grace and love. You touched my hearts in so many ways,

I miss you so much Tash, Nothing in my life has ever been the same since you went home to be with Jesus.

I know once again you will be having an awesome time in Heaven.

Love you heaps and heaps Honey.


PS: Give Jesus our best wishes for His birthday. We love Him dearly.

Love to all our 7 in Heaven: Tash, Tony, Portia, Tom, Floyd, Antz, Tara x x x


Nandee, New Zealand

To My Darling  Angel Princess Natasha.    (15th April)

Three years, it has been the worse three years of my life. I miss you so very much; I cannot find the words to express how much Tash.

In life there are moments when you miss someone so much, that you wish you could grab them out of your dreams and hug them so very tight, never letting them go.

Know darling you are always in my conversations, thoughts, prayers, dreams; you are with me every single minute of every single day.

I just miss you so, so much and can’t wait for the day we will be together again, FOREVER!!!!


Jump in Puddles





So so wishing I could wrap my arms around your beautiful body and give you a "mama bear" hug - then I'd never let you go.... my baby now in the arms of Jesus and safe forever. But I'm missing you so badly. xx

Glenn Noble, Auckland
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Glenn Noble, Auckland
I wish I had known natasha she sounded like a really awesome person being a current member of elim botany I have a jump in puddles badge and I wear it everyday.
Malani, Wellington

Dear Natasha

I have never met you but I watched your dvd in Welllington this past weekend and had to look up the website. Listening to your mum speak was amazing - it moved me to tears.  

You were such a special, beautiful young soul. It is so amazing to hear about your faith and confidence in your beliefs - very rare in one so young.

To the Bray family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Having lost a loved one recently who was young, vibrant and had so much to offer the world - I feel your pain. before he past we feared death as it meant leaving loved ones behind. Now we embrace the fact he is waiting on the otherside. Life is never the same but we go on and remember him everyday..Much love to you all..

Kathryn, Hamilton

Hi Tash, 

So before 15th April 2008, I really did not know you at all - infact I had never heard of you.

Something strange happened that day - you went out of our world but at the same time you stepped into the worlds and lives of so many.

Three years has gone by so quickly and its hard to believe we are in 2011. 

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for your saying of Jump in Puddles - if only you knew and could see the incredible impact this saying has had in the lives of those all around the world since you left us in 2008.

I was thinking about your saying today and really it is such a simple yet powerful saying - JUMP IN PUDDLES.

You have encouraged so many people to just cope with whatever life throws at them and to jump in puddles and make the most of life. 

Thank you for being you and for leaving such an inspiring and memorable legacy.


I never knew you Natasha, but you have taught me so much. Thankyou for the legacy you have left and the great example you have set for not only teenage girls like me, but everyone. You are an amazing role model. God bless.

Nandee, New Zealand

Hi Honey,

A little late with wishes for your birthday, but being on holiday it is sometimes hard to get to a computer.

Missing you something awful, and so wish you were hear to celebrate your 20th birthday.

Hope heaven gave you a super day darling.

Love and miss you.

Jump in Puddles


 x x x x

Nandee, New Zealand

Hi My Angel Princess

It’s almost Christmas and how I wish that you were here with us, but you can’t be so I just want to wish you Merry Christmas!! I miss you Tash so much!! You will always have a special in my heart! It makes me so happy to think one day when I go up to heaven, you'll be there to greet me along with Jesus. I can’t wait for one of your hugs; you know the ones you always gave down here. I miss them!!!

I would give anything to have you be here with Mom Dad, Olivia and Ben. All of us, celebrating Christmas together. It never gets easier; the hole in my heart is as big as ever. It hurts so much not to be able to see or talk with you.

I know you are watching over us as we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

You are so blessed to be celebrating Jesus’ birthday with Him

Give my love to Jesus, to Tony, Portia, Tom, Floyd, Anthony and Tara.


Jump in Puddles



To live in hearts of those we lelft behind is not to die......

Sadly, we never met......... where there is a puddle there is Natasha!


David (Cousin -UK)

Nandee, New Zealand

Hi Princess

I continue each day remembering my precious girl. I have told and retold your favourite stories so many, many times. Remembering things I had enjoyed doing with you and talked about your quaint phrases that were part of your vocabulary. Listening to your angel like voice, you so loved to sing. I miss your laugher and watching you playing with the little ones who adored you. I miss you talking to me about your friends, yes your friends who still miss you so very much Tash. You told me many times how much you loved them.

 15th April the 4th anniversary of you and your friends going home to be with Jesus.  I have come to realise God puts very special people on earth, for just a short amount of time. You were one of those SPECIAL people.

We can't understand why it is for s short while, but I know one thing Natasha you were such an inspiration to a lot of people including me. People still talk of your legacy and my heart dances when I hear the young ones talking of the things you did while here on earth. Now you are in the arms of Jesus, safe and sound. I love and miss you so much and wait on the promises of Jesus that I will see you again one day.

We have you in our hearts but the Jesus has you in His keeping.

Nandee x x x x

Jump in Puddles

Love to Jesus, Tony, Portia, Anthony, Floyd, Tara and Tom


Alex, Howick

Hi Tash

Its been four years now and the pain still doesnt seem to get any easier. I remember back when you were just a wee camper at the ranch in my cabin, you had such an amazing ability to light up any room you walked into, your insanely positive outlook on life and your passion for the lord still to this day astounds me! I still struggle to comprehend how someone so young and beautiful could be taken from us so early. Love and miss you Tash, my thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lee, New Zealand

Hi there Natasha,

I am sorry for visiting your page so late. I was down with my grand-daughter who lost her baby Noelle 2 years ago. I just want you to know we thought of you on 15th April and we lit a candle for you and Noelle.  I gave a photo to your Nandee of the candle and a little saying by the side of it, which read: How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to. You are still very much missed here on earth Natasha, but we do get to see you every time we go into your Nandee’s office. Such a beautiful young lady, and now a beautiful Angel. Hope you have caught up with Noelle give her a big hug from me, her great nana.

God Bless

Lee, your Nandee's friend



Hi My Precious Angel,

Another year has gone by, but this would have been a big one for you 21 years old.

We did as a family and a few friends celebrated and I know you were looking down. I bet jesus put a a super party for you up in heaven.

Wish you could have been here in person though Tash.

Missing you heaps darling, does the pain ever ease. I just don't know.

You know Tash you would be so proud og Olivia and Ben. Both passed their driving test, and Olivia has got into AUT next year. It would be so nice if you could all be together celebrating each others achievements.

Just know sweetheart that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and miss you so, so much.

Jump in Puddles.


 x x x x x

My Angel Princess

Happy New Year Beautiful.

Missed you so much at Christmastime but you are having a better time than we are as you get to celebrate with Jesus himself.

Give our love to everyone. Love you heaps and heaps and that will never change.

Jump in Puddles


New Zealand



Natasha Aimee, New Zealand

Hello Precious One.


I just feel the need to talk with you. Yesterday I was going through some old emails and came across some from different people at the time you went home to be with Jesus. Going through them brought many tears again and memories of the time we had with you. How I wish things were different, but they are not. I do though look at photos and read things people write about you, Yes Natasha, even today and my heart dances.

You were such a gift from God and I loved everything about you. Can’t wait to see you again, I know you are so proud of what Ben and Olivia are doing with their lives. God really did give me three amazing grand-children. Love you forever.


Jump in Puddles


Natasha Our Princess., Howick

Happy, happy birthday darling. I know you will have a special one up in heaven, but so wish you were here for your 22nd birthday.

We as a family celebrated your special day and Kelly wrote a beautiful song and sang it to us. Tear were in everyones eyes.

Miss you you so very much, I miss your hugs. I miss you telling me you love me.

Love and Hugs


Jump in Puddles

Natasha our Princess

Yesterday I was Supervising L2 English and all of a sudden I saw you sitting there. Tears filled my eyes as you never got to sit that exam.

In fact tash I am seeing you alot lately. I was sitting in the Spa pool and just saw you Ben and Libby playing in there. Can you remember doing that with all my kitchen spoons and containers. You bossing the two little ones around. I miss the days when I looked after the three of you. Telling you stories and playing games. I miss those times and I miss you now so much. What I wouldn't give to go shopping with you.

Love you so much honey. Miss you so much more.


Jumping in Puddles. x x x 

Lee D

Hi Natasha,

I am using your Nandee's computer as I don't have one anymore. I was down with my grand daughter when the 15th April come around. I always remember this time of year because I lost a great grand daughter Noelle on the 11th April and of course you went home on the 15th April. 6 yrs for you and 4 yrs for Noelle.

My grand daughter Aimee let off some Pink balloons for you both, do hope you saw them flying high. You and Noelle are missed so much, I do hope you have caught up with Noelle as she is only a baby and will need your care. One day soon Natasha we will all be together again, won't that be special.

Your Nandee is always talking about you and the things you got up to together, she misses you alot.

Love and hugs Natasha

Lee (Nandee's friend)


To My Precious, Precious Angel Princess

Hello my Precious One.

I can't believe 6 years have gone by without you. Miss so, so much. Those who say time heals are wrong, it does not heal, but we do learn to live with it and that is HARD. I know you will be having a ball up in Heaven with Jesus. I live on the Promise Jesus gave us: One day we will all be together again…… can’t wait for that day.

Sending a 30 second Hug to you darling.

Love You


Jumping in Puddles


Nandee, Auckland

To My precious Angel Princess.

Happy 23rd Birthday to our Precious Angel Princess.

Twenty Three, I can't believe it, what would you be doing now had you not gone home to be with your Saviour.

I bet you are having a ball in heaven  celebrating your special day. So, so wish you were here though with us as we get together to celebrate your day.

We miss you so very much and the years don't make a difference. Things happen and it all comes flooding back. You are constanly on my mind. Yesterday  in Church they were singing your favourite song "With All I Am", I just cried. I love and miss you so much Tash.

Happy, Happy Birthday Darling.

Love and Hugs, Love and Hugs. a trillion times over.

Your Nandee x x x

To My Precious Angel, Auckland

Hi My Precious Angel, Another Christmas comes, what can I say. How I wish you were here with us celebrating Jesus' Birthday. But hey, you are celebrating it with Him, how cool is that.

Love and Miss you so much Tash. You know, to see Ben and Olivia now you would be so proud of them.

I am so proud of the three of you.

Have a great Day today with all of your friends in heaven. Love to Tony, Portia, Floyd, Anthony, Tom, and Tara.

Hugs and hugs and more hugs.

x x x x x



To My Angel Princess, Botany Downs

Hello My Precious One, I know it has been a while since I last visited your page, but that does not mean you have not been in my thoughts. You are there constantly and I hope you do hear me when I talk to you. Have been on holiday for 9 weeks and you were always in my conversations. In face When I was travelling on a coach I sat next to a lady who a couple of weeks ago lost her wee grand-daughter in a car accident, she was only 2 years old. Grandma just didn't know how she was going to cope. I feel God put me next to this lady so I could talk to her about you, which I did. Then I asked her what her grand-daughter's name was. You will never believe it...she said Natasha. I had a big lump in my throat. I was so pleased I could tell her that there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel she is going through. Natasha will always be with her and she must talk about her, it really does help the healing process. Love and miss you so much darling. Oh by the way Olivia pasted her OT exams and is now fully qualified. Talk with you again Honey. x x x x x

Nandee x x xx 

Nandee, Howick

Hello My Precious One.

It has been a long time since I visited you on your page. I do talk about you all the time and while in England this time many people were asking about the time you went home to be with jesus. They cannot understand how we still have our faith. I do say to them that you are with the love of your life and that needs alot of understanding from them. God did not couse the tragedy but he did take you home to be with him for all eternity. I can't wait to get there and see you again and meet my Saviour.

Life is still hard without you honey and when I say you never leave my thoughts, that is so true. Miss miss miss you so much. Love you heaps.

Blessings and Hugs

Nandee x x x x x

Nandee, Botany Downs


Hi Princess, Been so so long since I was last here, you know the pain is as strong today as ever. nearly 10 years since you went home, it has gone quick yet slow as well. Does that make sense. How I miss you darling girl, always thinking what would you be doing, would you be married, would you have any children, which I am sure you would. Keeping you ever present in my life keeps me going, I could not bear  it if I did not have photos or talk about you. Love and miss you so much honey child. 

God Bless



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